Trail: White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a great addition to Wonderland or any of the other awesome trails in the area for that matter.  Starting where Highway 99 crosses the Cheekye River, the run starts slow with a few sections that would be challenging for the smaller groms, but then connects to the main section via a short stint on a logging road (when you hit the road, it’s a quick right then left).  Once it hits it’s stride, White Rabbit takes you through beautiful stands of Poplars and along moss covered slopes.  The riding is tame for the most part, but there may be sections where the younger groms may want to get off and walk.

The trail drops you off directly across from the Wonderland trailhead (not far from where you started out), making it a great loop for groms or a perfect warmup for a rip down Wonderland.

Please excuse the straight line at the end of the trail, my GPS acted up.  The begining and the final point are correct, just not the meandering in the second half.  I’ll get a better version next time.