Trail: Wonderland

Starting on the side of the Alice Lake road, Wonderland is pretty much the perfect trail for aspiring mountain bikers. It’s just over 3km of mellow descent, only short pedalling up small hills is required, is an easy shuttle or riders can choose to ride back up on the other side of the highway on a gentle gravel trail (careful though, the crossing near the trailhead isn’t controlled).

Not sure if you’re grom is ready for Wonderland? Start them off about a third of the way down where it becomes smoother and better maintained. The first third is a little more challenging, but manageable for any grom that’s used to picking lines. If you want to access the trail one third in, head north from Depot Road and look for a small gravel road on your right (it’s probably easier to look for the stop sign). careful, it comes up fast. Once you’re there the trail head is well marked, just head south.

The middle third is some good tech for groms to learn on, and the last third turns into super fun rollers and bermed corners, an awesome treat to finish with.

If you’re looking to add to the adventure, head north from the trailhead and hit White Rabbit┬áthat ends across the road from the start of Wonderland.