Trail: Miller Creek

This short-ish trail connects the Tamarisk area to Function Junction, running parallel to the railway.  Entry from the North is just east of the railway crossing, you will have to cross a small creek and there are usually stones to step on if you don’t want to get wet, but if the creek is high or you have little ones with you, and alternative is to walk 30 seconds south along the railway line and you’ll see the alternate entrance on your left.  The South entrance is just at the end of Lynham Road, you can’t miss it.

It’s quite a flat trail with a few interesting ladder bridges that go over spots that usually have standing water.   The bridges are easy to walk over if needed, but they’re also a great place to get your grom testing their mettle on this most basic of freeride obstacles.  Otherwise it’s just a wide doubletrack trail that descends very slightly south. Recommended for beginner riders and pushbikes would be adequate.