Kidsworx Wrap-up

Every participant got a 10th anniversary medal

Every participant got a 10th anniversary medal

Hidden amongst the Crankworx craziness this past week was Kidsworx 2013, a special kids-only mountain biking event geared for everyone from little rippers just out of training wheels to kids about to enter the junior category at the local downhill racers. It’s been a staple on the calendar for little riders for years, and 2013 really stepped it up.  Fun was definitely had by all this year!  

The course had been pretty much the same for years, but 2013 saw a complete revamp with some really exciting new elements that included:

Sombrio Pump Track – Shipped in from parts unknown, the Sombrio Pump Track featured a continuous circuit of rollers, berms, and jumps that looped back on itself! Getting access to such a unique feature was a thrill for all of the riders and special thanks to all the volunteers who made sure that everyone stayed “on course”.

DFX Jumps – Next up was the DFX jumps where riders got tips from DFX bike coaches.

Trail Riding – Riders also got to show off their single track skills on the ‘In between Trail’ or ‘Secret Trail‘.

This was the first year that there were prizes were awarded for time in each age category – but the main focus was on having fun and improving bike skills. Medals were given out to all riders who completed the 3 elements of the course.

There was a great turn-out with almost 250 riders (and twice as many parents/spectators) taking their turns on the course. Many loved it so much they went back for second and third attempts at the course sections. Volunteers helped keep the event fun and safe and provided a great cheering section for all the riders.

Our groms loved the variety of the course and the opportunity to go on an element normally reserved for the big kids (the Sombrio Pump Track).

The staff at Whistler’s DFX camps took over running the event this year and have taken it to a whole other level, a big thank you goes out to them for their great organizing and wonderful staff.  This event seems to get bigger and bigger each year.  In coming years it’s not at all a stretch to expect more industry involvement, and maybe even some of the visiting pros giving out the medals as was suggested by one competitor.

If there’s a future Steve Smith or Brandon Semenuk out there, there’s a good chance you’ll see them competing at Kidsworx first!