Kidsworx 2013 is Just 3 Days Away!

For most, Crankworx is all about the Slopestyle.  Watching amazing rider perform mind-boggling tricks on inconceivably large terrain is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  For others it’s the World Cup Enduro, Garbonzo DH, or even the Air DH.  However, if you’re a parent of a child between 4 and 10, the highlight is likely Kidsworx.  

Kidsworx is a way to let the younger groms get in on the action of Crankworx, without giving parents heart attacks.  Everyone has a great time, and medals are awarded to all participants as  momento of the ‘race’.  The event features 3 stages this year, I guess it’s an Enduro if you’re really looking to label it something.  The first is the Sombrio Pump Track, a massive portable track that’s set up in Lot 2.  There were some issues with safety concerns early in the week, but we’ve been assured that there will be ample volunteer assistants there making sure that all kids are safe on course.

The second stage is the DFX jumps, which run parallel to the dirt jumps you’ve no doubt seen on biking videos.  Fear not, the jumps go  large, medium, small, and extra small.  The event is on the latter.  Simple table tops that are hard to air at the best of times.

The last stage is the ‘In between Trail’ (between the Flow Park and Skinnies Park), also known as ‘Secret Trail’ and documented here.  It’s about as simple as single track can get, but still tight between the trees.

In previous years, it was very common to see pushbikes and training wheels, but this year it looks like the competition might be stepping up.  That said, any 4 year old should be able to handle all tracks no problem.

Registration starts at 9:30 beside the Sombrio pump track in lot 2, and get there early as it does get crowded.

Here’s a video of a few local kids in 2012: