Grom Patrol Launch!

He everyone, and welcome to, a resource for kids and parents who are looking beyond T-Ball and Soccer. Kids who would rather shred a trail than bounce a ball, or carve a mountain rather than stare at a video game screen.  

I started this site because when I looked for information on bikes and snowboards for kids, I saw a vacuum. I tried to get info on bikes and equipement for my little grom but was railroaded by salespeople and websites into thinking that kids can either ride bikes covered with princesses and whatever Disney property is big at the time, or ride bikes that are WAY too big. And that’s better than when I started looking into snowboarding options where I was told by a few local mountains that “kids under 9 can’t snowboard, and must learn to ski first”.

Well, about one year and a lot of research later year later, my just turned 5 and rips the local bike trails that would destroy anything from WallMart or Canadian tire, and can snowboard better than half the adults I know (though he’s never been on skis).

I’m a gear nerd. I think about bikes/snowboards/surfboards/computers/etc all the time. I like it, but I know that most parents don’t have the time or the inclination to do the research, actual parenting takes precedence. So I thought I’d help out and share whatever I find.

As for the kids, there’s no place online showcasing what kids can do on a bike or board. is meant to be a place for information on gear and issues as much as it is to be a showcase kid’s talent. So if you’ve got a Grom you’re proud of, drop me a line!

Heading up for a shuttle run

Heading up for a shuttle run